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"The New King of Digital Media!"

- Melissa Pandika, Editor at OZY.com

I have spent over a decade in the digital media industry, acquired and retained millions of users, built businesses, grew the total revenue value from $6 to $60 million (without equity investors), and sold multiple digital media brands to a Nasdaq listed company. My expertise is in scaling new digital ideas to millions of users, customers, and dollars. My course will empower you to grow businesses and build wealth. This course is not about theory to earn a credential of paper with overpriced debt but I want to teach you how to get your hands dirty and acquire customers and users, grow your business, and profit.

In 60 days, you will learn how to:

  1. De-risk marketing efforts with diversification
  2. Acquire the right customers/users
  3. Set up and optimize paid marketing campaigns across Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter
  4. Establish direct connections with customers/users
  5. How Digital Advertising Works
  6. How to Segment your users/customers
  7. The basics of retargeting and look-alike audiences
  8. The basics of LTV and Churn

Mr. Martin is the founder and CEO of Nubai Ventures. A pioneer and thought leader in digital media, he grew Moguldom into a multiple-brand digital media and entertainment platform, selling three brands to Urban One NASDAQ: UONEK. Dubbed a ‘digital powerhouse’ by Jet Magazine, Mr. Martin has been listed in the Ebony 100 list of most influential African Americans, and his insight and acumen have been hailed in press including Inc. Magazine; OZY Media, who described him as an “Emperor of Digital Media”; Digiday and Fortune’s David and Goliath column. Highly respected in the digital media industry, Mr. Martin has received the prestigious EY Entrepreneur of the Year in 2015, amongst many other noteworthy awards. He is often cited as a subject matter expert in paid discovery marketing, which he considers an essential element to grow multi-million dollar digital brands in the shortest time possible. Mr Martin’s media career began with blogging on financial markets where he founded The Detached Trader. He attended Syracuse University College of Law and earned his Political Science degree from Morehouse College.